OK, so today’s topic is “focus on what matters”.

First let’s take five minutes and think exactly what do we want and need in life whether it’s name, fame, money or something else.

This basic thought can make all the difference in the world. Why? Because that’s exactly the focal point which will actually help you determine what you need and what you want.
First of all, understand the basic difference between want and need because many times it happens you really want something so hard but due to certain circumstances you cannot achieve it. And when once you are into it suddenly you understand you never wanted it in the first place.
For example a kid wants to become an engineer he thinks he has all that it takes except finance and it’s a problem where he cannot even afford a loan so what to do now……he will work out for Scholarships or his brain is going to put all the efforts in that direction.. so now he is focusing on what he wants after doing the hard work he gets into engineering but then in the first year itself he understands that he was better at mass media so now he can’t Reverse the situation because he spent a lot of money and time for getting into engineering. Now he is trapped and compelled to do something which he doesn’t want to do. And finally, all know what happens next …everyone knows 3 idiots story.
That was all about “want”. They are nothing but an illusion created by desire.
By discussing “wants” part we understand that it’s a problem now let’s talk about the solution. Recognition of need is the solution. When a student is in SSC he is of various thoughts about want he wants to do without having any idea of what real world is all about and even after searching on Google about various courses it’s difficult to evaluate if the option he selected is right or wrong. And ultimately he ends up into something which he doesn’t like or reduces his ability to achieve something for which he is made.
Before completion of schooling during vacations,
It’s important for parents to develop encourage and cultivate the habit of innovation in this students support them to try whatever comes into the student’s mind at a basic level. Work on the foundation by getting them into workshops related student’s desire. And even if the child says that he doesn’t like to do it at the end, just say “it’s okay try something else”. Because that time you have time to save bad decisions and by spending little money parents and children both can understand what the child’s actual strength is and slowly by the time comes for actual decision making he would be standing firm without any confusion. This exercise will work as a guard against fatal failure. And never forget failures are stepping stones to success.

Disclaimer: the above-mentioned content is a real-life experience. If you want to know my real life experience then comment as “yes”.

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