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Student Attitudes: Have they really changed? In my four years of teaching, I’ve seen what appears to be a serious change in attitude. Students don’t often seem to want to learn like they used to…

Student Attitudes Have they really changed?

When I first started teaching, I’d have one or two students who resisted compliance with normal rules, but for the most part, students would eventually do what was required. This is not true anymore. Very few students seem to follow rules unless they know an adult is around who will enforce it. And they won’t follow the rules unless that adult actually does enforce it. Many students are outright rude to ANY adult who speaks to them and are defiant if their own teachers try to address them. I’ve been in quite local classes Dahisar and had my own classes. And ultimately it comes out to be it’s quite difficult to explain to students why they are learning a particular subject. Just because they’re not ready to listen and if by chance they listen they’ll answer ” Areee!!! miss I have studied as much as required to clear the exam that’s enough.” in case of students who are in class above 8th.
In case of students below 8th, the scenario is worst. They say ” miss government has made a rule for us they’ll clear us anyway. Why to waste time doing something which is not required.”

Sadly being a teacher it’s difficult to handle such an attitude. Without the help of parents. parents are just happy by knowing the fact that their kid is cleaning exams. When students get fewer marks in boards parents are shocked !!!

This leaves us with a question when this spread of diseases will stop.
and what can we do for the purpose?
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